My analyses on such subjects as mining, unconstitutional laws, economy, politics, (in)justice and firearms have appeared often over the years in the Yukon News and the Whitehorse Star; some articles have been syndicated in national and international publications.

From my mining-related articles and personality profiles came my first book,
Cashing In, a history of the hardrock mining industry (1898 to 1977).

It was followed by two more books bearing Northern themes.

One was The Adventures of Chuchi, a delightful children’s novel about an adorable Siberian Husky always in trouble, and Edward Hadgkiss: Missing in Life, a biography that probes the pilot’s and girlfriend’s mysterious disappearance after surviving the crash of his Harvard on a remote island of coastal British Columbia.

From the combination subject of guns, prospecting and government, I produced a 795-page CD known by its short title as The Carlos Trilogy.

My official version of Justice Served Up Yukonslavia Style: The Shameful Conspiracy Behind the Allen Carlos Trilogy, 1998 to 2004 is posted on this site in PDF.

(The CD is also available for $10, plus taxes and mailing, from Mac’s Fireweed Bookstore, Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada by phoning the toll-free number 1-800-661-0508.)

The book-length manuscript is a collection of articles, letters, observations, philosophies and laws surrounding the 30 months the government put Mr. and Mrs. Carlos and their three children through a needless and expensive hell in an effort to make an example of him so “obstinate gun owners” would know what to expect from the state’s heavy hand if they didn’t shut up and obey.


Some articles found on this site are relics from the past and have been resurrected specifically for sharing on the Internet.

Happy reading.


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