Agenda 21 Deems Beef “Unsustainable” and “Unaffordable”

by Jane Gaffin

Yukoners better be beefing up the bison herd if they want affordable red meat to eat.

In keeping with the United Nations Agenda 21 protocol that says meat consumption is “not sustainable”, beef is destined to soon become unaffordable for the average consumer, as exemplified in the recent Nevada “line-drawn-in-the-sand” standoff.

This 20-year land-grazing dispute is not about an endangered desert tortoise, unpaid grazing fees on 600,000 acres or which level of government owns the land.

This affair flowed from the Green Machine provisions of re-wilding North America as thrust forward in Agenda 21 that was born at the Rio Earth Summit of 1992.

In the specific Nevada scenario, the authorities were mandated to cleanse the land of cattle and turtles to make room for an underhanded caper to give the Chinese Communist a sweetheart deal to develop a solar/wind farm that needs an ultra-large spread yet can’t generate enough energy to spin a child’s pinwheel.

Under Agenda 21 — the people-control blueprint for architecting the 21st Century — all land would be under government-control. Individuals would lose their constitutional rights to own property which represents the cornerstone of all free societies. Without property rights, other rights and freedoms are worthless.

Loss of property rights and the raising of beef-producing domestic cattle to feed millions of humans each day are just two of numerous Agenda 21 taboos concocted to “save the earth”.

In 1994, the Earth First! green gang posted an Internet message titled Hunt Cows, Not Cougars: “Thats right, shoot cows. They dont run. They cant bite. They dont charge. They dont maul. They produce only two percent of the beef from 70 percent of the public lands. A pound of beef requires 2,000 gallons of water, a pound of wheat…Theres way (too) many of them.”

These Agenda 21 nutbars adopted a doctrine that puts “save the planet” ahead of humanity’s well-being. Wiping out Homo Sapiens would mean survival for millions of other earth-dwelling species. Without humans cluttering up the planet, there would be no need for domestic livestock.

In January, 2003, a green sniper shot domestic cattle and horses in rural Alberta, northeast of Edmonton. Some livestock were killed; some injured to the point of having to be destroyed; some, suffering only superficial wounds, survived.

As recently as April 5, 2014, Canadians’ feistier American cousins, who also own free-roaming, grass-fed cattle, were attacked by a horde of muscle-flexing, gun-toting government proselytizers in an unprovoked aggression that saw valuable livestock slaughtered.

In southern Nevada, 80 miles northeast of Las Vegas, near the Arizona border, 65-year- old Cliven Bundy lives with his wife, Carol, at their homegrown town of Bunkerville. They enjoy their large family of 14 cowboys and cowgirls and 49 grandchildren.

The Bundys are the last ranchers standing. The federal government successfully pressured the other 53 ranchers off their land. Several died of heart attacks in the process.

The federal government wants the Bundys gone, too. The family patriarch, who arms himself with a shirt-pocket-sized constitution, isn’t going anywhere.

The Bundy family and their loyal supporters, including an unorganized civilian militia and Oathkeeper members, dug their bulldog-style heels into the hot desert earth and stood their ground against a government pack who came in pairs and trios in their big, shiny new trucks and SUVs that numbered between 80 to 100.

There were uniformed agents from the Bureau of Land Management, National Park Service, U.S. Forest Service, camo-garbed military, SWAT teams, police, snipers on the hillside and miscellaneous recruits armed with AR-15s, M16s, sidearms, Tasers and attack dogs.

One of the uniformed thugs grabbed a petite woman, who had recently finished cancer treatments, and ground her head into the gravel.

Another ruffian tased Bundy’s son, Ammon. As each of four barbs penetrated his skin, he pulled them out. Blood stained his shirt above his heart.

A taser left his brother David with a large red welt on his swollen neck. He was arrested and taken to a Las Vegas jail, but soon released without any charges laid. He was thrown into the street with a sack lunch to find his own way home.

What this battery of bullies hadn’t counted on was the estimated 1,000-strong cavalry of supporters who came from all over Nevada and the U.S.. Men, women and children, some on foot, others on horseback.

Many are of the Morman faith. Before facing what could culminate into battle, they went down on their knees in prayer.

Then they lined up single file on the opposite side of the barricade. They were mounted on beautiful steeds armed with American, Nevada and “Don’t Tread on Me” flags that waved atop long staffs planted firmly in their stirrups.

Draped from saddles were coiled lassos. They were skilled at twirling rope and could drop a loop over one of those federal hombre’s necks as easily as they could throw a maverick cow.

Some on the line of defense were armed with cowboy-style pistols dangling open-carry from hip holsters. Some were packing high-powered, sheathed rifles. Anybody not armed with guns could hurl rocks, cow turds and epithets.

The pea-brained bureaucrats, knowing zilch about cattle, rounded up and imprisoned some 300 head for auction.

These days, under Agenda 21 terms, this action is called property “forfeiture”. Proceeds help fund BLM’s shenanigans. In the old days, stealing cattle was called “rustling”; rustlers were hanged with rope.

No livestock auction could legally sell the animals unless Bundy signed off the registrations and brands, anyway. As it was, BLM’s promise of goods to be brought to the auction block was worthless. The dead cattle and the ones ultimately released from bondage to the rightful owners could not be sold.

At the relevant time, temperatures were soaring as high as 80 to 90 degrees F. The rustlers disconnected the cattle’s water supply lines, as well as damaging other vital infrastructure.

In further display of animal cruelty, they herded the confused beasts by helicopter across that hot desert until an estimated 132 out of a 1,000-head — worth up to $1,500 each — expired from heat exhaustion or were shot dead by those brave bureaucrats.

Gruesome pictures can be viewed in Info Wars’ April 20th article Bundy Family Unearths BLMs Mass Cattle Grave”.

To kill the two prize, secured Brahma-mix bulls — worth over $2,500 each — would have required an extremely high-powered weapon. The bureaucrats, who had no matador or bull- riding training, claimed the majestic animals were “a safety hazard”.

No joke? When incited, these huge, ornery-tempered bulls charge. A couple of greenhorns would have looked good swinging by the seat of their pants from those horns.

Not only were these thugs killing cattle, they have euthanized hundreds–if not thousands–of “endangered” desert tortoises, the very species the bureaucrats were supposed to be protecting.

Instead, these brilliant boys were environmental wreckers. They rounded up cattle that keep the brush cropped short to prevent brush fires from damaging tortoise habitats, and provide the cow pies for the little dome-shelled creatures’ high-protein diet.

Unbelievably, the corporate-owned news media ignored the whole mess…well, up until the popular alternative media InfoWars blasted the news over live Internet radio and TV and posted a myriad of articles and videos on its website.

From his Austin,Texas-based command center, broadcast dynamo Alex Jones, who comes from a long line of ranchers, immediately recognized the Nevada land dispute as Agenda 21 personified. His hometown, the capital of the Lone Star State, is the epitome of Agenda 21 implementation.

Jones dispatched two sleuths, journalist extraordinaire David Knight and cameraman Josh Owens, on a week’s assignment in Nevada.

In his inimitable style, Jones, and his ace InfoWarriors, blew the lid off the whole fiasco. It was crony capitalists thieving from the Nevada constituents while working in the shadows of the vile Agenda 21 and free-trade agreements.

It seems a Chinese billionaire named Wang Yusuo, the founder of energy giant ENN, teamed up with U.S. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, who owns Nevada and its residents, to capitalize on a few little incentives.

One mega deal involved a land-grab 113 miles southeast of Las Vegas that ENN sought to buy for peanuts. The land, appraised at $38.6 million, was for sale to the ChiComs for $4.5 million — less than one-eighth of the land’s assessed value.

Senator Reid, caught red-handed bilking his state and constituents, was sore at the cattlemen and their supporters’ interference. He resorted to demonizing them as “potential terrorists”.

The major news networks eventually showed up on site. Not one outfit mentioned Agenda 21–not even Fox News who gave the best coverage with discussions about constitutional and property rights at issue in the Bundy case.

Around April 12, some high mucky-muck agreed the troops should “stand down”. Nevada Deputies came to give the dudes 30 minutes to release the rest of the impounded cattle and to haul their sorry asses and bruised egos out of the area.

They vamoosed, leaving a trail of earth-defacing litter behind. But the government will no doubt regroup with a fresh crop of hired guns to continue the insanity that could escalate into an unwelcome civil war.

Unfortunately, it might be what has to happen to at least bring attention to and cripple the insidious Agenda 21.




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