Mischa Popoff: He Can’t Be Bought

by Jane Gaffin

I confess that I haven’t been paying a whit of attention to the forthcoming British Columbia election scheduled for May 14th. Now, in view of the latest B.C. Conservative Party’s chicanery that saw it dump three candidates unceremoniously, I’m on full alert.

My interpretation is that the B.C. Conservative Party’s alarmist decision of April 25, 2013 to drop candidate Mischa Popoff in the British Columbia Boundary-Similkameen riding is a stroke of fortune for him as well as the electorate.

While being truthful, he ostensibly stepped on somebody’s tail which is illegal under the Human Rights Code of Canada. And, as we all know from Marxist vernacular and a recent Canadian Supreme Court ruling, “truth is non-defensible”.

Mr. Popoff said to the effect that single women make poor parents and the government-funded Missing Women Inquiry was a useless exercise.

In an April 26th e-mail, he chimed in with a detailed response about his views on the matter. And, as a woman who grew up in the comfortable surroundings of a family unit–and proud to have been housed, clothed, fed and educated on rewards of my father’s toils from tobacco, whisky, farming and construction–I agree with him:
“The Missing Women Inquiry was not only a complete waste of time, but was also an insult to all those missing women, their families, and all future women who might go missing,” wrote Mr. Popoff.

“Not a single cop was fired, reprimanded or demoted. Cops were fired when Robert Dziekański was killed with a Tazer. But 49 women go missing and turn up dead, and no one on the Vancouver Police Force suffers any consequence whatsoever. This is, I would argue, the definition of a waste of time,” he continued.
“We should not promote kids being raised by single parents. Kids are always better off with two parents, and it matters not what their genders or sexual orientation might be. Statistics show that mothers who end up single–through no fault of their own, either through divorce or death of a spouse–do well as single parents.

“My mom is one such parent. But mothers who enter into parenthood knowing they don’t have a spouse, this is very bad for a child’s upbringing,” Mr. Popoff concluded.

According to a three-sentence news release prepared by the self-vaunted B.C. Conservatives, whose campaign is obviously being run by a bunch of castrating women:

“Mr. Popoff’s various comments were insensitive and disrespectful, particularly to women and single mothers who are, in fact, heroes to their children and their communities in many cases,” it read.

“We are a party that believes in a respectful airing of views. Mr. Popoff’s statements were unacceptable and he has been removed as a candidate,” it declared with prejudice.


This means Mr. Popoff is free to run as a candidate under his own banner, which, according to B.C. political pundit Frank Hilliard in his latest offering Liberal Media Claims Another Scalp, is exactly what truth-telling Mr. Popoff plans to do.

Through an unexpected sandbagging, he is now shed of the B.C. Conservative Party, which is obviously a brainwashed group supporting the politically-correct Marxist manifesto, an ideology that has become too prevalent in Canada, as well as the whole free world, thanks to the useless, communistic philosophy flowing from the United Nations.

Marxism calls for the breaking up of the traditional family unit and the state raising the children as “good little brainwashed” Communists.

Marxists, Hitlerites and everybody of their political persuasion believe staunchly in the philosophy that the proletariats are good for nothing more than contributing their offsprings to the state and that wives are nothing more than sluts designed to offer sex-on-demand to their husbands.

Marx’s solution to the problem was through social engineering; dismantle the family unit by demonizing men and kicking them out of the household, leaving the mother to do the child-rearing until circumstances renders her so impoverished that the state can easily step in waving unconstitutional laws, seize the “neglected” children, then give them a cold, unloving Marxist-style education and one bowl of watery cabbage soup everyday for lunch.

This is where and how eugenics comes into play.

In my vocabulary, this whole scam stinks of creeping totalitarianism. Yet it doesn’t seem to be “creeping” so much recently as the world has become overwhelmed with one gigantic police state and only a few intelligent beings seem to be aware or care that nations have lost their sovereignties when the respective constitutions started to be ignored as the paramount law of the land because the United Nations wants to rule that show too.

When I read one of my favorite Canadian columnists Peter Worthington (Need for New Anti-Terrorism Bill is Clear, Sun News, April 24, 2013 http://www.sunnewsnetwork.ca/sunnews/straighttalk/archives/2013/04/20130424-173629.html) falling into the trap of espousing an alarmist viewpoint with regards to lawmakers passing anti-constitutional legislation is OK, I wonder if everybody is so thoroughly programmed through the corporate media that no hope remains.

The Marxists have time on their side as an ace in their hip pocket. Those irritating traditionalists who believe in the constitution, freedom and families are aging and death will soon shut us up.

But the lurking problem is that a lot of people–some of them society’s useful idiots–are going to meet their demise, too, with injections for imaginary diseases or with other means and excuses, i.e., a bullet to the head because the killing camps are too crowded with nuisance, vermin-infested inmates and no “compassionate” state agent to feed them non-existent watery cabbage soup.

From what I know about Mischa Popoff through his writing, I’d say God just saved him from the embarrassment of aligning himself with a bunch of leftist goons.

Mr. Popoff is much better off without being yoked to the left-leaning B.C. Conservatives, which would do better at the polls if they starting talking and acting like Conservatives rather than just another brand of Marxists bent on destroying society and civilization.

Obviously the B.C. party is in lockstep with Harper and Company which is a lapdog eager to do the bidding for the United Nations that has won the Prime Minister an Internationalist of the Year Award.

I, for one, was not impressed with his globalist attitude and free-trade agreements any more than I was when he sent Canada running like a firehouse dog when the UN rang the bell for all NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) members to go bomb Libya, which wasn’t Canada’s enemy.

But all sane people who went to sleep at the switch are guilty for allowing the free world to disintegrate into the Marxist abyss. We stood silently by, allowing elected politicians, who ignored their constituents’ directives, to be manipulated by power elitists through acceptance of favors and graft that mostly flows from United Nations-funded GONGOs (Government-Operated Non-Government Organizations) and wealthy foundations.

I don’t mean to influence you, but if you are a Boundary-Similkameen resident don’t forget to exercise your franchise in favor of Mischa Popoff. He can’t be bought off.



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